Ultra low power always on context awareness for mobile devices

MoveaMobile is our family of dedicated motion processing and data fusion libraries built on our proven SmartMotion™ technology. We enable sensor, processor and platform vendors to rapidly and easily add unprecedented motion intelligence and context awareness to smart mobile devices.

MoveaMobile delivers an industry-leading overall active power consumption below 3mW. It is also designed with the most advanced, sophisticated motion processing and sensor fusion algorithms so your smart mobile device will provide consumers with the broadest range of highest accuracy, always-on features including:

  • Context awareness, including in-transportation
  • Activity monitoring, including step cadency
  • Augmented sensors
  • Pedestrian dead-reckoning
  • Mobile gestures

We put this all together in a complete sensor hub offering for rapid time-to-market. Partnering with several leading semiconductor vendors, our sensor hub offering provides the highest accuracy motion intelligence at the lowest power enabling OEMs and application developers to get to market fast with the most compelling solutions possible today.

Get it now! Movea’s Sash- 1, developed in partnership with STMicroelectronics, is a sensor hub evaluation kit using ST’s low-power microcontroller to deliver the broadest range of features available for Android 4.4.



Movea’s SmartMotion™ technology brings fitness and activity monitoring to the next level by turning sensor data into motion intelligence.

MoveaFit libraries and reference designs help you to rapidly and easily develop intelligent sports products.  We have demonstrated the highest accuracy on unique quantified-self features for activity monitoring, context awareness, sports performance and sleep monitoring all at greater than 95% at lowest power.

Movea is also leading the way in developing exciting capabilities enhancing user experience. We are the first to offer the automatic sleep detection, so that you don’t have to press a button to inform your wearable that you are about to fall asleep, and we can detecti the user’s transportation mode, however they’re traveling. Our roadmap also includes bio and environmental sensors.


The quantified-self era has begun. As consumers want to track and better understand their activity and lifestyle, OEMs need to deliver not only more advanced functionalities but also improve the current ones by increasing accuracy and reducing power consumption.

MoveaFit libraries for wearable devices bring the highest accuracy and lowest power motion processing to deliver to end users what they’re asking for: reliable personal information that’s always available to them.

And it’s never been easier. Our award-winning G-series wearable reference design with our highest accuracy technology and low-energy Bluetooth gives you a powerful turnkey platform to get to market fast.

Sports equipment

Movea today delivers MoveaFit libraries for swimming, tennis, golf, running and more. We have partnered with leading sports equipment manufacturers to deliver smart sporting goods from concept to reality.

Our highest accuracy, lowest power motion-sensing technologies enable a new generation of sports equipment  that can monitor, analyze and improve the performance of fitness enthusiasts from elite to novice, motivating people to achieve greater results during physical activity while having fun.



Deliver the simplicity of natural interaction in today’s world of more complex interfaces, content and features with Movea’s SmartMotion technology

MoveaTV products and tools bring motion to service providers, device manufacturers and apps developers to revolutionize home entertainment.

Motion enabled set-top boxes allow consumers to effortlessly navigate interface with

  • natural in-air point-and-click,
  • simple gesture recognition,
  • up and down tilt for easy scroll through content
  • on-screen multi touch emulation
  • motion-controlled gaming.

MoveaTV high performance solutions include:

  • SmartMotion Server : the motion processing engine for Interactive TV
  • Air Motion libraries : plug and run embedded software for remote control
  • MoveaTV evaluation kit
  • 6 axis Remote control evaluation kit


Movea has partnered with world’s leading services providers a Movea has partnered with world’s leading services providers as well as remote and set top box manufacturers to bring motion to your living room entertainment experience.

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