Get to market fast

Movea development tools include a complete offering of motion libraries, easy-to-use graphic interfaces, example code and thorough documentation to put activity tracking and context awareness into any smart device you can dream of.

We take care of the motion processing and data fusion integration so you can focus on the rest. And it’s packaged and ready to go to get you to market fast.

Here’s what you can get today:


G-series wearable reference designRated as one of the top ten wearable devices at CES 2014, this optimized solution gives you the highest accuracy and lowest power technology for wearable applications such as activity detection and monitoring, running and biking performance and sleep monitoring. The sleek design and low-energy Bluetooth bring it all together.


Android 4.4 sensor hub evaluation kit. The latest version of Android provides more sensor bells-and-whistles than ever. And with Movea’s sensor hub eval kit, you can get even more. Our optimized embedded algorithms deliver highly accurate, always-on capabilities with industry-leading power consumption. It performs all 9 axis motion processing required by Android 4.4 on the stand-alone STM32F401 sensor hub.


MoveaTV development kit. Gives you access to the latest motion technology to develop exciting and compelling mtion-based apps via an APU and sample code not otherwise available on TVs and set-top boxes

Remote control reference kit. Service providers and system integrators can easily access Movea’s robust and accurate motion capabilities, improving TV UI navigation with a simple 5 or 6-axis motion system in a sleek form factor. Contact us to receive the development tool that will get you to market faster